I like to say when asked why I pursue science, that it is to satisfy my curiosity, that I am by nature a searcher trying to understand. If you haven't found something strange during the day, it hasn't been much of a day.
John A. Wheeler


2013 Scholarship and Award Recipients 

Past awards

Starkey Family Physics Scholarship

Will be awarded to two or more incoming freshmen Physics majors demonstrating academic merit

George & Carolyn Arfken Scholarship

Chair of Physics 1956-72.

Author of Mathematical Methods for Physicists.

Travis DeBoard

Emily Hermann

Christopher Honious

Shamal Lalvani

Elizabeth Ott

Zachary Pollock

Jonathan Quintero

Ian Sugerman

Andrew W. Bylenga Scholarship

1924 MU Graduate

Morgan McGrath

Tyler Ody

R.L. Edwards Scholarship

Chair of Physics 1926-56. 

Recipient of the Oerstead Medal in 1945,

the nation's highest teaching award.

Tyler Arnett

Jeffrey Brock

Kaleb Campbell

Ethan Clements

Jeffrey Folz

Daniel King

Kodi Kuhnash

James Morton

Christopher Nutt

Robert Rogers

Andrew Salsman

Tyler Thurtell

Raymond M. Hughes Memorial Scholarship

Physics professor 1904-08.  Became Miami University president, then Iowa State University President.

Adam Gjessing

Patrick Judge

Matthew Van Vleet

Dr. Benjamin Lee Memorial Scholarship

BS Physics 1956.  Became leading authority in theoretical elementary particles. 

Travis DeBoard

Ian Young

Philip and Cora Macklin Scholarship

Chair of Physics 1972-85.  

William Boyle

Max Swartz

Annie Tam

Weixiang Yu

William Shoupp Memorial Scholarship

Physics graduate 1931.  Successful industrial career.

Dirk Auman

Jacob Pauley

John and Genny Snider Scholarship

Miami graduate 1949 & 1952.  Faculty 1949-1992. 

Award for promise in experimental physics.  

Logan Emery

George B. Arfken Physics Scholar Award

By Don Kelly, MU alumnus & physics professor 1982-93

Alex Brest
Ray L. Edwards Physics Scholar Award

By Don Kelly, MU alumnus & physics professor 1982-93

Gabriel Hepner

James and Carole Garland Scholarship

Miami University president 1996-2006 and Professor

of Physics

Not available this year

Mary Jean and Joseph R. Priest Scholarship

Professor of Physics at Miami for 45 years. 

Awarded for outstanding performance utilitizing electronics in the sophomore laboratory.

Andrew Baker
Goldwater Scholar James Morton
College of Arts & Science Dean's Scholar 2013-14

Jeffrey Folz (Urayama)

Shamal Lalvani (Rice)

Robert Rogers (Rice)

OARS Undergraduate Research Award, Spring '13 Miao Dong (Bali)

2013 Summer Internships - USS

Advisor in parentheses

Alex Brest (Urayama)

Ethan Clements (Bali)

Jeffrey Folz (Urayama)

Patrick Judge (Bali)

Robert Rogers (Rice)

Certificates of Achievement in

Undergraduate Research

Advisor and major in parentheses

Miao Dong (S.Bali/L.Bali, Chemical Engineering)

Kashika Goyal (S.Bali/L.Bali, Zoology)

Lyndon Mark Cayayan (Clemens,Physics)

Jacob Pauley (Clemens,Physics)

Peter Siegfried (Pechan/Koo, Physics/Mech Engr)

Robert Rogers (Rice, Physics)

Shamal Lalvani (Rice, Physics)

Michael Zatt (Urayama, Microbiology)

Culler Awards

Named for Joseph Culler, Chair 1920-26. 

Thirty-six students from PHY171/172 and 181/182 were recognized for outstanding achievement.
Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award

Matthew Gillette (Bali)

Anthony Silvidi (Eid)

Ethan Stanifer (Clemens)

Academic Excellence Award

Daniel Baker

Joshua Kaine

Kyle Kissick

Outstanding Senior Award William Konyk
Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award
Bradley Worth (Bali)
Glenn & Betty Julian Grad Student Teaching Award Diane Beamer
AAPT Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Andrew (AJ) Hachtel

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Awards

Zachariah Callahan

Jeffrey Maltas

Sigma Pi Sigma Inductions

Thomas Harp

Joshua Kaine

V. Marcel Nguemaha

Bradley Worth

Department Volunteer Appreciation

Benjamin Blankartz

Ethan Clements

Miao (Millie) Dong

Matthew Gillette

Kashika Goyal

Justin Guenther

Andrew (AJ) Hachtel

William Konyk

Zachary Long

Doug McNally

Corey Rogers

Ethan Stanifer

Outstanding Faculty Award James Clemens