Every other Jewish mother in Brooklyn would ask her child, 'So? Did you learn anything today?' But not my mother. 'Izzy,' she would say, 'did you ask a good question today?' Asking good questions made me become a scientist.
Isidore Rabi

Student Activities in the Physics Department


Tutoring is available through the Society of Physics Students and by Physics Grad Students. 

  • Contact SPS President Ethan Clements (see below) with your request.  All requests will be presented at the SPS weekly meeting.  An SPS student with availability will contact you.
  • The following Graduate Students are available as tutors: Rey Ducay; Justin Guenther, and Ramakanta Chapai. Their contact information is on the Graduate Students page.

Student Representatives

These students were elected by department majors and attend most weekly faculty meetings to address the issues and concerns of students in the Physics Department.

Undergraduate Rep: Ben Blankartz, blankabd@MiamiOH.edu

Graduate Rep: Doug McNally, mcnalldm@MiamiOH.edu


Society of Physics Students

The Miami University chapter of the Society of Physics Students is an organization open to all undergraduate and graduate students interested in physics.  SPS meets once a week in 136 Culler Hall, with special activities monthly.  For more information, visit www.orgs.miamioh.edu/sps .


2013-14 Officers

President – Ethan Clements, clemener@MiamiOH.edu
Vice President – Christen Setters, setterce@MiamiOH.edu
Secretary – Robert McCutcheon - mccutcr2@MiamiOH.edu
Treasurer – Ben Blankartz, blankabd@MiamiOH.edu
Web Master – Brian Breitsch - breitsbw@MiamiOH.edu

Educational Outreach –  Tyler Thurtell - thurtetg@MiamiOH.edu

Faculty Advisor – Christopher Beer, beercp@MiamiOH.edu


Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club meets in Culler Hall weekly, prior to going to the roof for observation. (Meetings are cancelled during exams, holiday breaks, or if the sky is cloudy).  ANYONE is welcome to show up to stargaze--bring your friends!  Contact the president for more information. www.orgs.miamioh.edu/astro


2013-14 Officers

President – Corey Rogers, rogers27@MiamiOH.edu

Vice President – Benjamin Blankartz, blankabd@MiamiOH.edu

Treasurer – TBA
Faculty Advisor – Steve Alexander, alexansg@MiamiOH.edu