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Richard P. Feynman

Graduate Program in Physics


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The Department of Physics offers a research-intensive, two-year program leading to the Master of Science degree.  Most students admitted to our program are awarded competitive stipends.  During the two years in the program, students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the core areas (Electromagnetism, Statistical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Classical Mechanics), serve as Teaching Assistants, and be involved in significant, potentially publication-worthy research activity, which is expected to culminate in a thesis.


The low student-to-faculty ratio and the department's dedication to excellence in teaching and research assure that graduate students are an integral part of the department and work closely with faculty in achieving their educational goals.  Students interested in doing a PhD are able to use our program as a gateway to top-quality PhD programs in physics and engineering. Others gain entry into industry, or take up positions in national labs, or instructor positions in universities and high schools.

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